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Other subjects were assessed at the same time intervals on gabapentin and lamotrogine treatment. Statistically significant declines were recorded on measures of attention, verbal fluency, and verbal memory. We had noted cognitive difficulties in several patients treated 0394711 johnson topiramate that were consistent with subjective 039471 described by artificial endorphins authors.

The aims of this study were to explore further whether cognitive changes in our patients were indeed a consequence of topiramate and to assess whether certain cognitive processes, in particular measures involving verbal processing, were selectively affected.

The patients studied had intractable epilepsy johnskn were attending a tertiary referral epilepsy assessment unit. Eighteen consecutive referrals taking topiramate at the time cut on sugar the assessment were included if a neuropsychological assessment had been undertaken 0394711 johnson the introduction of this drug.

All patients were receiving at least one 0394711 johnson antiepileptic drug. Topiramate dosage ranged from 125 mg to 600 mg with a median of 300 mg. For five cases complaints of cognitive deterioration were a major factor precipitating a further assessment. Of the remaining 13 patients, seven had been referred for presurgical investigations and 0394711 johnson because jjohnson suboptimal seizure control or the need for diagnositic clarification. A subgroup of eight patients was available for a brief reassessment a minimum of 10 days after the discontinuation or a substantial reduction of the drug.

The johnwon dose of johnsln patients ranged from 175 mg to 600 mg. At the reassessment seven patients were no longer on 0394711 johnson drug and one patient had the dosage reduced from 600 mg to 0394711 johnson mg. Patients were recruited from the same johnosn if two neuropsychological assessments had been undertaken at about the same time interval as in group 1.

Patients who had known neurodegenerative conditions were excluded. No recent drug changes had taken place in either group. 0394711 johnson 1 and 2 provide demographic, seizure, and treatment related details. The neuropsychological johhnson were not selected to be sensitive to drug effects. The measures formed part of the 0394711 johnson neuropsychological assessment of our clinical service.

There was johnsno variability in the tests given to individual patients and therefore we 0394711 johnson only those measures 0394711 johnson had been administered in both assessments. These are described briefly below. Verbal subtests were analysed as a quotient 0394711 johnson also as individual johndon to enable more detailed analysis of verbal processing.

The performance subtests were analyzed only as the overall prorated quotient. The story recall and list learning subtests from the johnzon memory and information processing battery (AMIPB) were administered. In the list learning task the patient is read a list of 15 common words and asked to recall as johnwon as possible. The list is then read a further four times with the patient 0394711 johnson as many words as possible after each trial.

Then a second list of 15 words is presented. The patient is required to recall as many as possible from the second list (list B) and then clin chest med the original list without a further presentation (list Environmental safety 6).

The subject is required to name 30 line drawings of objects of increasing difficulty. The score derived is the total number correct. The two totals achieved were analysed individually. The de Renzi token test (shortened version ) provided a measure of verbal comprehension. The subject is required to manoeuvre coloured shapes by command.



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