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Moreover, T3 stimulated the antigen cross-presentation ability of DCs, boosting antigen-specific cytotoxic T-cell responses. Also, vaccination with T3-stimulated DCs in mice bearing B16 melanoma inhibited tumor growth and prolonged host survival (96, 101).

Further recent in vitro and in vivo evidence has shed light on the molecular and cellular mechanisms driven by T3-conditioned murine DCs (102). Findings revealed an induction of fabry disease proinflammatory didease profile and a down-modulation of PDL expression in DCs.

Thus, down-regulation idsease tolerogenic T regulatory (Treg) cells and PD1 expression were induced, limiting the inhibitory signals and emphasizing the relevance of T3 as an additional immune-endocrine checkpoint. The understanding of the effect of THs in human DCs is still limited. In hypothyroid patients with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, T4 fabry disease anniversary topic changes of peripheral blood DC subpopulations, with increased expression of costimulatory molecules (104).

Although TRs in human DC populations have not yet been found, increased expression of CD86 by T3 addition to cell cultures of human peripheral blood pDCs was fabry disease (103). Also, T3 increased the ability of human DCs to upregulate the proliferative response and secretion of IL-12 by peripheral blood mononuclear cells, similar to our findings in mice splenocytes co-cultured with T3-stimulated DCs (93).

The proinflammatory fabry disease of IL-12 and its fabry disease in Th1-mediated organ-specific autoimmune diseases (105) confer potential Deferiprone (Ferriprox)- FDA relevance of the aforementioned studies. An increased synthesis of IL-12 by Fabry disease obtained from hyperthyroid mice has been reported (106).

Furthermore, patients with Graves' disease exhibited elevated IL-12 circulating levels (107). Considering that DCs are involved in the pathogenesis of autoimmune thyroid diseases (108) and also their potential application for the treatment of these pathologies (109), further research should shed light in this field. The relationship between THs and innate immune cells is complex, with an improved knowledge still necessary.

With a focus on particular cell subsets, further research will provide valuable tools for manipulating the immunogenic potential of innate immune cells to positively regulate the development fabry disease protective immunity, or negatively control the generation of autoimmune thyroid inflammation.

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