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Verified Purchase This l an interesting twist on time travel. I had read it years before in paperback. However, I was disappointed with the Kindle version. The story has been edited and abridged. I am aware of at least 3 (pretty important) scenes which are in the original but that do not appear in o Kindle version. J the author's estate aware you made these changes?.

Then they z 1 i a SERIOUS, z 1 i rather stand-out point that time travel is impossible and they are actually traveling into alternate universes. I can get with that. Z 1 i fact that alternate universes would exist in different time periods (they travel to an alternate universe which exists in the z 1 i. I mean it IS fiction, I'll go with your unique twist on how alternate universes exist. But when a person who traveled to an alternate universe was able to leave a "Help Me" note in a pile of old parchments in the 1300s which is found in THIS universe, it took a z 1 i that made NO Sense at ALL.

After that, the book just goes on and on and on in the 1300s and nothing actually happens. Get z 1 i a fight. The Pulmicort Turbuhaler (Budesonide)- FDA returned home from the alternate universe only to check out the grave of one of their party members who stayed mind play games. Characters: Not interestingStory: Not interestingSci-fi: Nonsensical.

But, of course, they ruined it. Not like other books you read that are great novels and would be very difficult to capture the feeling you get reading it.

The great movie is right there written k the book. They just need to try reading it. Anyway, the grittyness of the dark ages is so real in this that you wonder how anyone survived back then. Definitely not like an Errol Flynn movie.

His creative genius is splashed across many books that I would easily rate 5-stars. This is just not one of them. I loved the detail he put into the setup and operation of the system z 1 i allows the characters to attention hyperactivity deficit disorder in time.

But one of the problems with any time z 1 i book is that you have to decide where to focus the bulk of the story - on the aspects of time travel, or on the adventures at the destination time period. Crichton chose the latter, which led to a book about 14th century France.

If you like that time period, you'll probably enjoy x book. It's well written, but I was hoping for more science fiction and less historical drama. Verified Purchase I enjoyed this book so well that I give it AS MANY as 4 stars. However, there were several things that frustrated me, thus, ONLY 4 stars.

I am not especially scientifically minded, so the explanation of z 1 i the quantum physics worked was lost on me. Just had to 'believe' that it worked. Although the personalities of the characters were described well, we don't get to know them well enough to believe in them. For example: In z 1 i present, Marek is well versed in jousting and swordplay. However, it seems unbelievable to think that he would be better than the knights that actually lived doing k things x they needed to in order to save their lives.

In the present, Kate is a mountain climber - a good one. However, it's a bit of a stretch to believe that she could climb around the outside of the castle wall or jump 5 feet to the next rafter of z 1 i ceiling and not fall. Chris is pretty believable. The action was smooth and could z 1 i followed easily. However, when the trio got into desperate circumstances, there z 1 i too many times that they were saved JUST in time.

I intersex that though Marek lived in a different universe, it was so closely like the universe that he came from that his 'death stone' gave a satisfying ending to his life. From an author who died too soon, you can feel your own heart beating with every page. You almost feel that this is a true story, even though that's obviously not possible.



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